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[1 Sep 2023 | No Comment | 657 views]

This month, David Corliss shares how the Data4Good practitioners are leading the way in developing ethics best practices for artificial intelligence.

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[1 Sep 2023 | No Comment | 1,667 views]

Gene Pennello, a statistician, and Frank Samuelson, a physicist, look at the complexity of data-driven medical devices that employ AI algorithms—and the challenges this presents.

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[1 Sep 2023 | One Comment | 994 views]

Rising high-school senior Jaya Kolluri shares how she thinks AI tools such as ChatGPT can complement traditional teaching methods.

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[1 Sep 2023 | No Comment | 3,949 views]
Judea Pearl, AI, and Causality: What Role Do Statisticians Play?

In the first half of 2023, the machine learning programs ChatGPT and GPT-4 changed the landscape of artificial intelligence research seemingly overnight. Judea Pearl’s research bridges the subjects of statistics and artificial intelligence and highlights the importance of causality in both settings. Dana Mackenzie, Pearl’s co-author for The Book of Why, interviews him here to get his take on recent developments. When they wrote their book in 2018, Pearl contended machine learning had not yet moved past the first rung of the “ladder of causation.” Computers could not correctly answer queries about interventions and still less about counterfactual scenarios. Has his assessment changed?

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[1 Sep 2023 | No Comment | 553 views]

Nathen Huang looks at the potential use of AI in the federal government—how it can help but also its possible limitations.

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[1 Sep 2023 | No Comment | 2,409 views]
Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, and Statisticians

AI has required substantial statistical input along its entire developmental path. Here is an overview of major statistical concepts and methods integral to AI and the statisticians involved in their development.

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[1 Sep 2023 | One Comment | 1,127 views]

Michael Hansen has taught AP Statistics for 25 years and high-school computer science for about 13 years. This summer, he used ChatGPT to help him write a Python application of about 3,000 lines. Here are his top 10 takeaways from that experience.

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[1 Sep 2023 | One Comment | 2,036 views]
Statistics, AI, and Autonomous Vehicles

David Banks and Yen-Chun Liu examine the future of statistics in artificial intelligence for autonomous vehicles.

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[1 Sep 2023 | No Comment | 1,306 views]
Ethical Considerations for Developing and Using Artificial Intelligence in Statistical Practice

Ethical issues in statistical practice in the AI era require continuous attention, reflection, and dialogue among all parties involved. The ASA’s Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice and members of the ASA Committee on Professional Ethics are here to help.

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[1 Sep 2023 | No Comment | 824 views]
Designing Against Bias in Machine Learning and AI

David Corliss examines how shifting the focus to testing for and mitigating bias at the design stage instead of after code is released can help prevent many of the problems seen in machine learning and artificial intelligence.