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[1 Oct 2022 | Comments Off on Daniela Witten Wins COPSS Presidents’ Award | ]

Daniela Witten is a professor of statistics and biostatistics at the University of Washington and the Dorothy Gilford Endowed Chair in Mathematical Statistics. She develops statistical machine learning methods for high-dimensional data.

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[1 Mar 2021 | Comments Off on Clarice R. Weinberg | ]

Clarice R. Weinberg was always good with numbers and earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics. However, she didn’t know what to do with her math degrees so she looked into statistics and eventually earned her PhD in biomathematics from the University of Washington. Now at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, she is active in breast cancer research and working with biostatistics graduate students to develop stochastic search methods to identify sets of gene variants and sets of exposures that synergistically influence risk.

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[1 Mar 2020 | Comments Off on Emily B. Fox | ]

Emily B. Fox began studying neuroscience, but was swayed by engineers at MIT to study electrical engineering—and was drawn to signal processing. Her interest in the topic was refined into a focus on statistical signal processing during a junior year abroad at Cambridge University. She is an associate professor in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering and department of statistics at the University of Washington and the Amazon Professor of Machine Learning.