Practical Significance | Episode 40: How Can I Help You Today?

The title for this episode is a question familiar to ChatGPT users and signals the growing impact of artificial intelligence on the world around us. Tian Zheng, Hongtu Zhu, and Mark Glickman join co-hosts Donna LaLonde and Ron Wasserstein to discuss the implications of AI for our profession. Building on a 2023 workshop on statistics and AI in health care, Tian, Hongtu, and colleagues recently hosted an ASA townhall during which they discussed the impact of AI on the statistical community. Mark is chair of the ASA Committee on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Listen in as Glickman, senior lecturer on statistics at Harvard University; Zheng, statistics professor and statistics department chair at Columbia University; and Zhu, biostatistics professor at The University of North Carolina, share their perspectives on how the statistics field must evolve to meet the challenges of AI development and application.

And don’t miss Ron’s traditional Top 10, as he gives us the “Top Ten Anagrams of Statistical Terms.”

Download transcript.

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