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ASA’s Career Success Factors Initiative Presents

1 July 2013 59 views No Comment

Effective Presentations for Statisticians at JSM 2013

Do you want to polish your presentation skills and better influence your company’s decisionmakers or your clients?

ASA’s Career Success Factors initiative is sponsoring the half-day course Effective Presentations for Statisticians in conjunction with JSM 2013 in Montréal. This well-received course taught at previous ASA meetings by Jeanine Buchanich, Bob Starbuck, and Jennifer van Mullekom will cover topics such as slide preparation, crafting your argument, oral presentations, and communicating statistical ideas.

Attendees will review examples of effective and ineffective presentation techniques, learn how to make effective presentations to different audience types using various platforms, and improve their communication skills to both statisticians and non-statisticians. Register now!

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