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Several months ago, Jill Montaquila asked for volunteers to work at the ASA booth during the USA Engineering and Science Festival that was held on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Beth Goodman’s first reaction was that, of course, she would volunteer. Being a high-school teacher, she wanted to be part of something that would allow her to share her love of mathematics and statistics. Additionally, she thought it would be a good opportunity for her children. The experience did not disappoint; in fact, it exceeded her expectations.

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The department of statistics at The George Washington University inaugurated a graduate certificate program on applied quantitative risk analysis.

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CHANCE starts out with an article by Jason Crowley, Brenna Curley, and Dave Osthus that analyzes results from the game show “Jeopardy” from 1984–2009. Graphical analysis is used to depict trends across the show’s history. Also included is a sidebar with new developments for the magazine.

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Academic Salary Survey

Keith Crank, ASA Research and Graduate Education Manager, provides comprehensive salary information for statistics faculty.

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The National Institute of Statistical Sciences Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary

The National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) simultaneously celebrated the 20th anniversary of its creation and the 10th anniversary of the formation of its affiliates program.
The pre-history of NISS goes back to a 1984 meeting of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences at Lake Tahoe. There, a number of visionaries realized how much the statistical sciences would benefit from deeper engagement in cross-disciplinary research and that an institute was a key component to making this happen. A proposal was sent to the National Science Foundation (NSF) for a panel study on cross-disciplinary research. The resulting report, coauthored by Ingram Olkin and Jerome Sacks, was published in 1988.