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[1 Oct 2011 | Comments Off on SAMSI Offers Programs for Statisticians | 1,037 views]

The Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI) started its 2011–2012 program on uncertainty quantification (UQ) in July with a summer school in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories; however, activities on UQ will take place all year at SAMSI.

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[1 Oct 2011 | Comments Off on JISAS Features Festschrift for Prem Narain | 1,748 views]

A special August issue of the Journal of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics features a festschrift for Prem Narain, who is celebrating his 75th birthday.

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[1 Oct 2011 | 4 Comments | 7,345 views]
Salary Survey of Business, Industry, and Government Statisticians

This year, the Biostatistics Consulting and Survey Center in the department of biostatistics at the Georgia Health Sciences University was contracted by the American Statistical Association to design and implement a survey of the association’s nonacademic members in the United States employed by business, industry, or government.

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[1 Oct 2011 | Comments Off on ASA Accreditation Program Update | 933 views]

Identifying tangible benefits for accredited members is the primary focus of a new subgroup of the ASA’s Accreditation Committee.

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[1 Oct 2011 | Comments Off on Papers Sought for Journal of Statistical Research | 610 views]

The Journal of Statistical Research, the official journal of the Institute of Statistical Research and Training at the University of Dhaka, is accepting original or review articles for publication in a special volume on biostatistics.