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NovemberAmstat News staff spotlight is on Kathryn Wright, ASA graphic designer/production coordinator.

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Biostatistics Degrees: Missing Data and Other Issues

Tracking down data on the statistics (including biostatistics) discipline, Keith Crank noticed some of these data come from the ASA’s surveys, some from joint surveys with the American Mathematical Society, and some from government agencies.

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The November Amstat News member spotlight is on Jean Dickinson Gibbons, retired chair of the applied statistics program and Russell Professor at the University of Alabama.

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The ASA and Wiley InterScience are excited to announce that ASA members now have a new benefit of membership—free online access to Statistical Analysis and Data Mining (SAM).

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A group of 44 scholars traveled from 11 countries to meet in Potomac, Maryland, to share knowledge about the status of women worldwide in chemistry, computer science, and mathematics. The meeting was convened by the Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology.