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Picture This!

The International Year of Statistics sponsored a photo contest for students in grades/years 7–12 to mark the end of the year-long celebration of statistical science. Take a look to find out who won and peruse their pictures.

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Here is a list of certain historical events that occurred during the month of March.

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ASA Board of Directors Candidates

The ASA announces the selection of candidates for the 2014 election. The winning candidates’ terms will begin in 2015. Make sure to look for your ballots in your email inbox and to vote early.

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Meet Charles J. Rothwell, Director, National Center for Health Statistics

Amstat News invited the director of the National Center for Health Statistics, Charles J. Rothwell, to respond to a few questions so readers could learn more about him and the agency he leads.

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In early 2013, the Statistical Society of Canada commissioned a volume of expository articles in celebration of the International Year of Statistics. The resulting book, Statistics in Action: A Canadian Outlook, is being published by Taylor & Francis/CRC Press in March 2014.