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Volume 59, Issue 1 of Technometrics includes 11 articles covering topics ranging from design and analysis of complex, black-box computer simulations to algorithmic design approaches for customizing and enhancing key properties of physical experiments to anomaly detection in image and other high-dimensional data streams.

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2016–2017 Academic Salary Survey

The 2016–2017 academic salary survey includes both faculty and nonfaculty statisticians and biostatisticians. We received responses from 59 institutions in the United States. The data included 1,034 faculty and 149 nonfaculty statisticians, with gender information.

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2018 ASA Board of Directors Candidates

The ASA announces the selection of candidates for the 2017 election. Voting begins March 15 and May 1. Make sure to look for your ballots in your email inbox.

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At age five, ASA member Mohammed Shayib fled with his family from their home in northern Palestine. Shayib went on to earn his PhD from Texas Tech and co-author Applied Statistical Methods. Read more about him here.

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Because of its importance to every facet of life, many more people are exposed to statistical principles. Thus, says ASA President Barry Nussbaum, we have an opportunity, and indeed an obligation, to properly communicate statistical concepts and the rudiments of statistical reasoning. One way he is doing this is through Stats + Stories.