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Lateesha Bailey-Gordon is the newest member of the ASA’s customer service team.

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Born into a farm family in 1919, Oscar Kempthorne made up his mind very early that he wanted to get away from the backbreaking work on the farm. And he realized “there was only one way to do it—brain power.”

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Gertrude M. Cox’s upbringing instilled her with ethics, moral courage, and determination, which, combined with her grand dreams and the genius and tenacity to materialize them, resulted in legendary accomplishments and awed those who knew her.

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Samuel W. Greenhouse was one of the founding statisticians at the National Institutes of Health, helped pioneer the use of statistical methods in epidemiological research, and was influential in the early development of the theory and practice of clinical trials. He was also a distinguished Professor of Statistics at the George Washington University.

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