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Newly Elected AAAS Fellows

28 March 2014 No Comment

From left: Kim-Anh Do, Barry Davis, Michael Stein, Joseph Newton, and Robert Smythe

From left: Kim-Anh Do, Barry Davis, Michael Stein, Joseph Newton, and Robert Smythe

In November of 2013, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) council elected 388 members as fellows. These individuals were recognized for their efforts to advance science or its applications at the Fellows Forum on February 15 during the AAAS annual meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. The new fellows received a certificate and blue and gold rosette as a symbol of their distinguished accomplishments.

The 10 new fellows of AAAS Section U (Statistics) are listed below with their citations. Included are current ASA Science Policy Director Steve Pierson and former ASA Research and Graduate Education Manager Keith Crank.

Raymond J. Carroll, Texas A&M University
For preeminent research on statistical theory and methods and their applications to medical science and for excellence in teaching and in service to professional societies.

Keith N. Crank, Retired
For the advancement of statistical science through many years of service as an NSF program officer and for workshops to advance the careers of young researchers.

Barry R. Davis, The University of Texas School of Public Health
For distinguished contributions to the methodology of clinical trials; the design, monitoring, management, and reporting of influential clinical trials; and leadership to advance public health.

Kim-Anh Do, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
For distinguished contributions to computational statistics and integrated statistical methodology for high-dimensional omics data with applications to translational cancer research and personalized medicine.

Mark Scott Kamlet, Carnegie Mellon University
For distinguished contributions to the economic analysis of health interventions and budgetary policy analysis and as provost of Carnegie Mellon University.

Bani K. Mallick, Texas A&M University
For distinguished contributions to the field of Bayesian modeling and computation with application to different scientific fields, for leadership in promoting statistical science, and for service to the profession.

H. Joseph Newton, Texas A&M University
For contributions in statistical space-time methodology and computational statistics, for introducing computer technology in teaching, and for many years of extraordinarily successful science higher education administration.

Stephen W. Pierson, American Statistical Association
For significant leadership with the American Statistical Association in communicating and advocating statistics to policymakers and for the facilitation of statisticians’ involvement in this process.

Robert T. Smythe, Oregon State University
For distinguished contributions to probability theory, design of randomized trials, and analysis of algorithms and for application of probability and statistics to science policy.

Michael Stein, The University of Chicago
For distinguished contributions to applied statistics, especially for the development of spatio-temporal models for environmental applications. 

Editor’s Note: ASA member Ann Bostrom was elected AAAS Fellow of the Section on Social, Economic, and Political Sciences.

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