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Survey Research Methods Section News for June 2019

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The Survey Research Methods Section (SMRS) will have a full program at the Joint Statistical Meetings while sponsoring or co-sponsoring 13 invited sessions, 18 topic-contributed sessions, seven contributed sessions, and three speed sessions. We have so many sessions that some compete with others. Prioritize the sessions you wish to attend by looking over the following list and then checking the online program for up-to-date times and locations.

Sunday, July 28

• Challenges and Breakthroughs in Analyzing Big Survey Data
• Multinational, Multiregional, and Multicultural Surveys (3MC): A Burgeoning Sub-Discipline in Survey Research Methods

Survey Methods, Transportation Studies, Socioeconomics, and General Statistical Methods

Nonprobability Sample and Probability Sample Matters Under What Context?

• Cryptocurrency Surveys: Challenges and Results from Central Banks
• Improving Data Collection: Challenges in Survey Practice

Monday, July 29

• The Multiple Adaptations of Multiple Imputation
• Administrative Income Data, Survey Data, and Inequality
• Developing Multi-Purpose Imputed or Synthetic Data for Official Statistics
• Evolving Survey Inference in the Big Data Era: Challenges and Opportunities

Improving Survey Data Quality with Multiple Data Sources, Administrative Data, and Nonresponse Bias Control

Modeling Applications for Backcoding, Nowcasting, and Forecasting

• Statistical Data Editing Modernization
• Big Survey Meets Big Data: Integrating Administrative Data into the American Community Survey
• Inference with Nonprobability Sample Through Data Integration
• Linked Data to Advance Evidence Building in Public Policy (Panel)

Tuesday, July 30

Achieving Adequate Representation When Surveying Rare Populations

Big Data, Small-Area Estimation, and Methodological Innovations Under Development

• Probabilistic Record Linkage and Inference with Merged Data
• Assessing the Quality of Integrated Data
• Providing Access to Useful Data While Preserving Confidentiality
• Adaptive Survey Design: Recent Advances and New Potential
• SRMS/SSS/GSS Student Paper Competition
• Connecting Parallel Universes
• Scientific and Public Affairs Advisory Committee Poster Competition

• Nonresponse Errors and Fixes
• SRMS-Submitted Posters

Wednesday, July 31

• Missing Data Issues in Public Health Studies and Survey Sampling in the Era of Data Science
• State-of-the-Art Inferential Approaches for Nonprobability Samples
• Data Fabrication and Falsification: Protecting the Credibility and Impacts of Surveys (Panel)
• Total Survey Errors in the Combination of Probability and Nonprobability Samples
• A Historical Perspective on the Application of Sampling Theory and Methods (Panel)

• Differential Privacy Research and Applications at the US Census Bureau
• Propensity Score Methods to Conduct Observational Studies Using Complex Survey Data
• Small-Area Estimation with Relaxed Modeling Assumptions
• Time Series in Government and National Statistics

• Survey Sampling and Variance Estimation: Recent Innovations
• Sampling, Variance Estimation, and Advancements with Auxiliary Data

Thursday, August 1

Small-Area Estimation: Producing Estimates for Small Areas from Sampled Data

Address-Based Frame Enhancement: Recent Experience and Developments

Statistical Modeling: Benefits and Drawbacks

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