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ASA 2021 Data Visualization Poster and Statistics Project Competitions Winners Announced

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The American Statistical Association is pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 ASA Data Visualization Poster Competition and Statistics Project Competition.

    First-place winners receive $300, a certificate, and grade-appropriate graphing calculators for themselves and their advisers provided by Texas Instruments. Second-place winners receive $200 and a certificate; third-place winners receive $100 and a certificate; and honorable mentions receive certificates.

    The poster and project competitions are directed by the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee on Curriculum in Statistics and Probability. The 2021 ASA Data Visualization Poster Competition leader is Jennifer Broatch of Arizona State University. Michelle Larson of the University of Iowa is the head project competition leader.

    Posters, submitted digitally either as photos of physical posters or a new digitally created poster, are due every year on April 1. Projects (written reports) for grades 7–12 are due every year on June 1.

    Visit the website for details, including previous winners, entry forms, instructional webinars, and the rubrics used for judging the posters and projects.

    Get Involved
    For information about how you can start a regional poster competition or mentor students in your area, see the article appearing in the July 2011 issue of Amstat News.

    For additional information or questions regarding how to get involved in the poster or project competitions, contact ASA Director of Education Rebecca Nichols.

    2021 Regional Poster Competition Leaders

    Connecticut Chapter Statistical Poster Competition
    Zhou Fan, Yale University

    Kansas/Western Missouri Statistics Poster Contest
    Ananda Jayawardhana, Pittsburg State University

    Michigan Statistics Poster Competition
    Dan Adrian, Grand Valley State University

    Nevada K–12 Statistics Poster Competition
    Alicia Hansen, Past President, Nevada Chapter of the ASA

    Ohio Statistics Poster Competition
    Jerry Moreno, John Carroll University

    Pennsylvania Statistics Poster Competition
    Pete Skoner, Saint Francis University Science Outreach Center

    Pullman, Washington Statistics Poster Competition
    Dean Johnson, Washington State University

    Southern California Statistics Data Visualization Poster Competition
    Rebecca Le, County of Riverside / California State University, Long Beach

    Washington Statistical Society Poster Competition (DC Metro Area)
    Elizabeth Petraglia, Westat

    ASA National Data Visualization Poster Competition
    Leader: Jennifer Broatch, Arizona State University
    Contact: Rebecca Nichols, ASA Director of Education

    Students outside the regional competition areas submit their posters directly to the ASA office, which are then separately judged by the Washington Statistical Society as part of the Other Region. The best posters from each region are sent to the national judging. Information on regional poster competitions and winners are available on the individual regional poster competition websites.

    2021 National Project Competition Winners

    Each year, the Statistics Project Competition attracts a wide variety of submissions from students in grades 7–12 who have completed creative studies. The submission deadline for the project competition is June 1 to enable participation from high-school students who may be preparing for the AP Statistics exam administered in mid-May. The competition is especially useful for these students because it provides them with opportunities to apply the statistical skills they have acquired throughout the school year to solve real-world problems of interest to them.

    2021 National Project Competition Judges

    Head Project Competition Leader
    Michelle Larson

    Project Competition Judges
    Patricia Bahnsen
    Kyle Barriger
    Jennifer Bready
    Ruth Carver
    Karen Chong
    Christian Cruze
    Lew Davidson
    Julia Fathe
    Beth Grasel
    Suaan Grigor
    David Gurney
    Marjorie Hahn
    Carla Hill
    Jennifer Hillger
    Monica Hyjek
    Chris Jackson
    Leigh Johnson
    Grazyna Kamburowska
    Jessica Kohlschmidt
    Brianna Kurtz
    Robin Lakey
    Jenny Langdon
    Shinemin Lin
    Anne Lipp-Read
    Bridget Matamoros
    Koren Mathis
    Cheryl McKeeman
    Jennifer Michaelis
    Sally Miller
    Craig Mills
    Alan Morris
    Cindy Moss
    Leigh Nataro
    Susan Owens
    Kathy Petko
    Ruth Reece
    Thomas Rothery
    Julie Roy
    Adam Shrager
    Julie Skokan
    Kelly Spoon
    Sharon Sterken
    Wanita Jane Thomas
    Hao-Nhien Vu
    Sue Wasco
    Janet White
    Ronald White
    Felicia Wider Lewis
    Mervin Woodlin Jr.
    Shannon Zavorka

    Grades 7–12

    First Place
    Nicholas Burnell
    The Need for Cryptocurrency Regulation Is Backed by Statistical Evidence
    Hunter College High School
    New York, New York

    Judges’ Comments: This project addresses a timely issue and successfully uses statistical analysis to support their conclusion. The regression approach is clearly explained and well executed. Although the graphics are small (Note: adjacent bars in a histogram should touch), they are not distracting as the overall patterns could clearly be seen. The details of regression analysis were recognized and addressed; the use of R2 compared with the R2 values between other asset classes was notable.

    Second Place
    Emilie Kim
    Various Nitrogen-Based Fertilizer Applications and Their Influence on the Growth of Cyanobacteria
    McLean High School
    McLean, Virginia

    Judges’ Comments: The judges found the topic of this project to be of general interest; references were included and correctly cited. The description of the experiment was thorough and well written, and the images added to the understanding of the research process. It was not clearly stated that the placement of the experimental units onto the table by the windowsill was random, although different amounts of sunlight was mentioned as a potential issue in the reflection section. The conclusion could have been stated more definitively but, overall, this project was very strong.

    Third Place
    Anna Nguyen and Melanie Gresser

    Soggy Cereal
    Canyon Crest Academy
    San Diego, California

    Judges’ Comments: The judges enjoyed this unique project. The researchers provided much thought and detail in describing their procedure and defined an interesting way to determine “soggy.” The details of the experiment were clearly described, but the difference between experimental units and treatments and their roles in an experiment was not clearly demonstrated. The graph presented is not a segmented bar graph which would have been a nice visual comparison of the different distributions.

    Honorable Mention
    Hans Xu

    The Effect of Microplastics on Radish Growth
    Century High School
    Rochester, Minnesota

    Judges’ Comments: The judges were pleased with the original research and investigative nature of this project. The reflection correctly indicated the limited scope of the results. By measuring small masses to only tenths of a gram, responses resulted in only five unique values affecting the overall analysis. Graphics were appropriate but the data used in the “difference graph” is unclear (were the data paired?); graphs would provide a better visual comparison if they were constructed using the same scales

    2021 National ASA Data Visualization Poster Competition Winners

    Grades K–3

    First Place
    Jun-Hur Erian Cheng
    How Does Screen Time Affect Kids’ Health?
    Data Scientist Jr. Program
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Second Place
    Anjalika Mukherjee
    How Children Are Learning in Public Schools in the United States Since COVID-19 Pandemic
    Cougar Ridge Elementary
    Bellevue, Washington

    Third Place
    Shriya Madhavan
    United States Unemployment 2020 During COVID-19 Pandemic
    STEM School Highlands Ranch
    Highlands Ranch, Colorado

    Honorable Mention
    Mubashwir Ariyan
    Shaping Habits of Elementary School Kids
    Dorothy C Goodwin School
    Mansfield, Connecticut

    Honorable Mention
    Dr. Petrick’s Third Grade Class
    What BIG “Conversations” Can We Have with Small “Hearts?”
    Timmons Elementary School
    Chagrin Falls, Ohio<

    Grades 4–6

    First Place
    Paavani Tewari
    Fast and Furious: Fires in California
    Clague Middle School
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Second Place
    Joshua Bie
    What Happened to Netflix Movies Between 2015 and 2020?
    Data Scientist Jr.
    Agoura Hills, California

    Third Place
    Students: Carter Shannon and Connor Shannon
    The Rotten Race
    Rydal Elementary School
    Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania

    Honorable Mention
    Aarush Bagchi, Samarth Agrawal, Ashriya Kshirsagar, and Ishaan Mondal
    Blood Bites
    Country Meadows Elementary School
    Long Grove, Illinois

    Honorable Mention
    Michelle Harrow
    Does People’s Favorite Song Match Their Favorite Genre?
    Hawken School
    Lyndhurst, Ohio

    Grades 7–9

    First Place
    Dinithi Senevirathna
    The Ups and Downs of Human Food Habits
    George S. Mickelson Middle School
    Brookings, South Dakota

    Second Place
    Victoria Djidjev
    Geography of the Pandemic: How COVID-19 Spreads in the US
    Sandcreek Middle School
    Ammon, Idaho

    Third Place
    Kate Soo Hyun Kim and Claire Jeon
    Connecticut’s Wealth Disparity: The Correlation Between Student Expenses and Performance
    James Hill House High School/ Cheshire High School
    New Haven/Cheshire, Connecticut

    Honorable Mention
    Tolga Cavusoglu and Chengyuan Zhang
    Does More Funding Improve a Space Program?
    Hawken School
    Lyndhurst, Ohio

    Honorable Mention
    Sara Gupta
    Do Middle Schoolers Get Enough Hours of Sleep?
    Northern Hills Middle School
    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Grades 10–12

    First Place
    Binze Li, Jiaqi Yu, Aurora Wu, and Jeslyn Gao
    How Do COVID Infection Patterns in California Relate to Pandemic Responses?
    Next-Gen Intelligent Science Training
    Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Second Place
    Ava Chae
    Who Is Vaping in High School?
    Manhattan High School
    Manhattan, Kansas

    Third Place
    Sarah Dong
    How Do Age and Gender Affect COVID-19 Mortality?
    Westview High School
    San Diego, California

    Honorable Mention
    Jeffrey Pan
    Gentrification & Policing: A Case Study of Austin, TX
    Phillips Academy
    Andover, Massachusetts

    Honorable Mention
    Nina Ganeshan
    Blacks in Ballet: How Inclusive Are Top US Ballet Companies?
    Lafayette High School
    Williamsburg, Virginia

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