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[1 Jul 2021 | Comments Off on JSM 2021: Data for Good and the Stories It Tells | ]

David Corliss recommends making JSM 2021 the event that will help you tell your own Data for Good story and offers suggestions for sessions and search terms to get involved.

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[1 Sep 2020 | Comments Off on Data for Good Tech: Cool Science for Hot Projects | ]
Data for Good Tech: Cool Science for Hot Projects

One of the great aspects of data for good is that the technology never stands still. For some ideas and inspiration, David Corliss outlines a few examples of where Data for Good tech is leading the way.

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[1 Feb 2020 | Comments Off on Cavell Brownie | ]

Cavell Brownie was born in Jamaica and earned her PhD from Cornell University in 1973. She mentored female junior faculty and African-American students at North Carolina State University, meeting them regularly to discuss research and educational issues. In fact, NC State established a faculty award in her name to encourage faculty to emulate her generous mentoring.

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[13 May 2010 | Comments Off on Parmesan or Pretzel? WSS Helps Demonstrate ‘Counting America’ | ]

Several mathematical societies were on hand to celebrate the second annual African–American History Program Free Family Day at the Marian Koshland Science Museum in Washington, DC. Using a large bowl filled with Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers the group demonstrated a capture-recapture study to simulate a lake populated with fish.