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[1 Nov 2022 | Comments Off on My ASA Story: Robert Tumasian III, Biostatistics PhD Candidate | ]

Robert Tumasian III studies the intersection of mathematics and biomedical science: biostatistics!

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[1 Feb 2021 | Comments Off on BBSW 2020 Finds New Ways to Collaborate Virtually | ]

While the pandemic prevented a face-to-face event in 2020, the Bay Area Biotech-Pharma Statistical Workshop held two virtual symposiums—both related to COVID-19.

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[1 Dec 2020 | Comments Off on To Get a PhD or Not to Get a PhD? Part 3 | ]

The ASA Committee on Applied Statisticians is giving you the experiences of four statisticians who took different paths after their master’s degrees. This month, Allison Florance explains why she found a master’s degree to be right for her.

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[1 Aug 2020 | 2 Comments | ]

ASA members and sisters Olga V. Marchenko and Natallia V. Katenka answer questions about the book they co-edited, Quantitative Methods in Pharmaceutical Research and Development: Concepts and Application

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[1 Aug 2020 | Comments Off on Pharma Executive Offers Thoughts About COVID-19 | ]
Pharma Executive Offers Thoughts About COVID-19

Dr. Amrit Ray, global president, R&D and Medical, Upjohn Division, Pfizer Inc., offers his thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic and how to best protect yourself and your family.

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[1 Feb 2020 | Comments Off on Brian A. Millen | ]

At The Ohio State University, multiple faculty members invested significantly in Brian Millen’s development. These individuals expanded Millen’s statistical thinking, supported his goals, celebrated his successes, and coached him through every low point. Consequently, Millen became an advocate for diversity and inclusion and is past chair of and current adviser to the ASA Committee on Minorities in Statistics and founder of the JSM Diversity Workshop and Mentoring Program.

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[1 Feb 2020 | Comments Off on Nolan Terry | ]

Nolan Terry is a proud native of Augusta, Georgia, and a graduate of the University of Georgia. He is vice president and director of manufacturing at Nestlé Purina, where his passion for leading high-performing teams helps support a nearly $10 billion business in the United States. He believes data always tells a story and we have to be willing to listen and take action.

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[1 Apr 2013 | Comments Off on Being a Hybrid Statistician | ]
Being a Hybrid Statistician

One type of job available to applied statistics graduates is that of “hybrid statistician,” in which statistical expertise is tied into a more general research-based role. Two master’s-level biostatisticians Emily Olsen and Melissa Danielson describe their jobs, what they like about being a hybrid statistician, and courses they completed to prepare them for this career.

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[1 Feb 2011 | Comments Off on Going East | ]
Going East

China, which is the world’s third-largest pharmaceutical market after the United States and Japan, grew faster than expected. Drug sales are predicted to increase 25%–27% to more than $50 billion next year, overtaking Japan’s by 2015. Here, Coco Fan and Ping Zhan show how statisticians are needed from the West to transform China’s pharmaceutical industry.

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[1 Nov 2009 | Comments Off on Biostatistics on the Rise in Japan | ]

Japan is second only to the United States as a consumer of pharmaceutical products. This notwithstanding, statistical contributions to clinical trials and clinical development were not well-recognized in Japan until the ICH-E9 guideline “Statistical Principles for Clinical Trials” was implemented in 1998.