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[1 May 2024 | No Comment | ]

StatFest 2024 is a free, one-day conference designed to encourage Black, Indigenous, and other undergraduate students of color to pursue graduate studies and careers in statistics and data science.

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[1 May 2024 | No Comment | ]
Thank You, Mentors: Members Show Gratitude for Guidance

May marks graduation season and provides an opportunity to show gratitude for those who have guided and motivated us throughout our respective journeys. Here, invited by the ASA GivesBack Team, members express their appreciation through “thank you notes” to those who mentored them.

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[1 Apr 2024 | No Comment | ]

Annually, the Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences Section offers the Young Investigator Award, Outstanding Teaching Award, Distinguished Achievement Award, and Best Contributed Paper at JSM Award. Nominations are currently open for the first three.

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[1 Mar 2024 | No Comment | ]

The award is given by the ASA to a person or team that does the most to enhance the teaching and learning of causal inference in statistics.

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[1 Feb 2024 | No Comment | ]
Predict 5 Creators Give Behind-the-Scenes View

Three dedicated ASA members have organized a unique contest for Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month designed to engage high-school, undergraduate, and graduate students.

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[1 Feb 2024 | No Comment | ]

The January issue of JSDSE leads with a paper that recounts the difficult past of statistics, notably the role of eugenics in the development of the field. The author argues we must confront our history to move forward and provides guidance for addressing the troubling history in the classroom.

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[1 Feb 2024 | No Comment | ]

Horton was recognized for his numerous innovative contributions to statistics and data science education and his significant participation in regional statistics activities for more than 25 years.

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[1 Feb 2024 | No Comment | ]
Critical Race Theory and Statistical Analysis: What You Need to Know

To explain and motivate the importance of critical race theory to statisticians, the JEDI Outreach Group sponsored the 2023 Joint Statistical Meetings session titled Critical Race Theory for Statisticians: Incorporating CRT into Statistical Analysis. Here, Emily Griffith summarizes the highlights.

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[1 Nov 2023 | No Comment | ]
Empower Progress: Donate on ASA Giving Day

Giving Day is a day when members and friends of the ASA come together to make a lasting impact so the ASA can provide programs leading to a world that relies on data and statistical thinking to drive discovery and inform decisions.

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[1 Jun 2023 | Comments Off on ASA Speakers Bureau Seeks More Volunteers | ]

The ASA is working to grow the Speakers Bureau, a repository of qualified ASA members who are available to speak to student chapters and K–12 student groups and classes.