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[30 Oct 2018 | Comments Off on Irving J. Good (1916–2009) | ]

Irving J. Good was born in London in 1916 and became proficient in mental arithmetic by the age of nine. Lying in bed with diphtheria, he turned over in his mind his sister’s lesson on square roots. On his own, he realized the irrationality of the square root of two and solved Pell’s equation. The impressive feat of reaching these conclusions as a young boy is not compromised by the fact that they had been reached by others long before he was born.
In secondary school, Good distinguished himself in mathematics, …

Statisticians in History »

[16 Jun 2001 | Comments Off on John W. Tukey (1915–2000) | ]

Foreword by Karen Kafadar
Shortly after my arrival at Princeton University as a graduate student in the fall of 1975, the chairman told me to see John Tukey “because he has some project for you to work on.” Summoning all my courage, I approached him, introduced myself, and reported the directive I’d received. Tukey broke out into a huge grin and replied, “Wait here.” He disappeared across the hall into his office and reappeared momentarily. “Read this—and then I think you will agree that we have a lot of computing to …