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[1 Jul 2017 | No Comment | 46 views]

ASA President Barry Nussbaum thinks more emphasis should be placed on basic survey questions to improve survey response rates.

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[1 Jun 2017 | No Comment | 137 views]

This month, ASA President Barry Nussbaum writes about three things he either worries are disappearing or that he wants to have disappear.

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[1 May 2017 | One Comment | 300 views]

ASA President Barry Nussbaum talks about sample size and why it’s sometimes a researcher’s least important problem.

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[1 Apr 2017 | No Comment | 70 views]

ASA President Barry D. Nussbaum talks baseball and Big Data.

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[1 Mar 2017 | One Comment | 96 views]

Because of its importance to every facet of life, many more people are exposed to statistical principles. Thus, says ASA President Barry Nussbaum, we have an opportunity, and indeed an obligation, to properly communicate statistical concepts and the rudiments of statistical reasoning. One way he is doing this is through Stats + Stories.

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[1 Feb 2017 | No Comment | 321 views]

ASA President Barry D. Nussbaum’s initiatives focus on communications, youth, and the engagement of our largest growing professional sector—Asian statisticians.

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[1 Jan 2017 | One Comment | 171 views]

This month, incoming ASA President Barry Nussbaum writes about his background, his experience at the EPA, and some of his goals for the coming year.

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[1 Dec 2016 | One Comment | 128 views]

In her last President’s Corner column, Jessica Utts addresses two relatively unrelated themes—the ASA’s transition to Barry Nussbaum as president and the new president of the United States.

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[1 Nov 2016 | No Comment | 196 views]

Take the time to thank someone who has been influential in your life by nominating them for an award!

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[1 Oct 2016 | 3 Comments | 408 views]

In this month’s President’s Invited Column, the Statistics Careers for AP Statistics & Other K-12 Classrooms working group shares information about ASA President Jessica Utts’ presidential initiative to provide statistics career information to Advanced Placement Statistics students and other high-school students, teachers, counselors, and parents.