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CAUSE Offers Workshop, Mini-Course

1 November 2010 No Comment

The Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education (CAUSE) will host a one-day ancillary workshop at the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) in New Orleans, Louisiana, on January 5, 2011. The workshop, “Teaching Introductory Statistics Following GAISE and the Common Core,” will be led by Danny Kaplan of Macalester College and Robert Gould of the University of California, Los Angeles.

The Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE), does not dictate specific content, but gives prominence to approaches that develop statistical reasoning and literacy. The new Common Core Standards for Mathematics, already adopted or being considered for adoption by many states, specifies components of statistical origin, but is not broadly oriented to develop statistical thinking. The workshop will demonstrate ways to align GAISE with the common core content.

There is no registration fee to attend CAUSEway workshops, though advance registration is required.

Also at JMM, CAUSE activists Carolyn Cuff and Michael Posner will present a mini-course, structured as a two-part workshop, on January 7 and 9, 2011, which is intended for instructors new to teaching statistics. This mini-course will expose participants to the big ideas of statistics and the ASA-endorsed GAISE Report.

Participants will engage in classic activities all statistics instructors should know. Internet sources for real data, activities, and best practices articles also will be examined. Finally, participants will find out how they can become involved in statistics education–related conferences, newsletters, and interest groups. Registration for the course is done as part of JMM registration.

Statistics Project Competition

CAUSE continues to seek entries for its third biennial undergraduate statistics project competition (USPROC). The purpose of USPROC is to encourage the development of data analysis skills, enhance presentation skills, and recognize outstanding work by undergraduate statistics students. Project work must be conducted between fall 2009 and winter 2010/2011, with projects submitted no later than February 28, 2011. The competition is open to any undergraduate student. The project guidelines include information about monetary awards, participation, and the project scope.

A-mu-sing Contest

CAUSE proudly announces its third biannual A-mu-sing Contest for all statistics teachers (and students) who enjoy fun. Any teacher, student, or practitioner of statistics is eligible to enter unpublished examples of statistics jokes, cartoons, songs, poems, or videos for a chance to win cash prizes, publication on CAUSEweb, and recognition at USCOTS 2011. Entry deadline is April Fool’s Day (April 1), 2011. See the website for contest rules and an entry form.

Several hundred items for fun learning are available at no cost for educational purposes. A-mu-sing entries will be considered for inclusion in the CAUSEweb digital library of resources for undergraduate statistics teachers.

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