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Obituaries for May 2011

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Richard Pierre Claude

Richard Pierre Claude, who died on March 17, was an early advocate of the sound use of statistics in the human buy ativan online thailand rights field, dedicating his career to integrating human rights with the practice of science.

In 1992, he co-edited the book Human Rights and Statistics: Getting the Record Straight, which was an expansion of a special issue of Human Rights Quarterly, of which he was a founding editor. These two publications are widely credited with having established the field of statistical inference in human rights monitoring. He remained active throughout his life in promoting the use of sound scientific methods in human rights work.

Claude was professor emeritus of government and politics at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he taught political science courses. He was the author of many books, including Science in the Service of Human Rights.

A special event to honor Claude was held in 2009 by the AAAS Science and Human Rights Program. On that occasion, Claude identified three themes influencing his career: “First, the efficacy of human rights activism broadly defined; second, the importance of multidisciplinary approaches to human rights problemsolving; and finally, the need for human rights education for all, including students of science, medicine, engineering, and technology.”

He was the father of Eric Claude, Christina Claude-Paras, and Gregor Claude and brother of Charles Claude, Rose-Marie Pettit, and Christopher Claude. He also is survived by six grandchildren.

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Pader Girl’s Academy of Northern Uganda, sponsored by the Uganda Fund. (See the “Donate in honor of Richard Pierre Claude” button.) Alternatively, donations may be made to the Back Packer Health Worker Team, Thai-Burma Border, sponsored by the Global Health Access Program. Indicate “Back Pack Help Worker Team” on contributions.

Wallace Oliver

Wallace B. Oliver, 86, a statistician at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, died March 18. He was a statistician for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Army Department, and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Oliver is survived by his wife of 62 years, Helene Kause Oliver, and his two daughters.

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