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Call for Editor Applications, Nominations

1 December 2022 No Comment

The American Statistical Association invites applications for the position of editor of The American Statistician.

The American Statistician publishes articles of general interest to the statistical profession. Articles address topics that are important to a broad group of statisticians, and ordinarily are not highly technical. The journal is organized into the following sections:

  • Statistical Practice
  • General
  • Data Science
  • Teacher’s Corner
  • Statistical Computing and Graphics
  • Reviews of Books and Teaching Materials
  • Short Technical Notes
  • Letters
  • History Corner
  • Interdisciplinary

For more information about The American Statistician, see Aims and Scope and Editorial Board.

The new editor will serve from 2024 through 2026, with the transition beginning late summer or early fall of 2023.

Nominations should be sent to ASA Journals and Publications Manager Eric Sampson. Once received, nominations will be presented to the chair of The American Statistician Editor Search Committee for further consideration. Interested individuals are encouraged to nominate themselves. Submit nominations by January 13, 2023.

Applications should be sent electronically to Eric Sampson. Applications should include a CV, names of three references, and letter of interest in the position including a brief statement of the candidate’s vision for The American Statistician, directions the candidate would pursue and contributions she or he would make if selected as editor. Applications should be sent no later than February 10, 2023.

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