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Significance Highlights: June Issue Looks at Biometrics and Space Debris

1 July 2021 No Comment

Photo shows the cover of the June issue of Significance magazine, which has a close-up photo of an iris and pupil of a human eye that reads "Do Eye Know You?" and a subhead that reads how statistics shapes the design of biometric security

Discover how statistical ideas inform the design and implementation of biometric security systems and how estimates of dangerous space debris are produced—all in the June 2021 issue of Significance, out now.

Also in this issue, Joseph L. Gastwirth and Qing Shi use three decades of data from a triennial survey of consumer finances to explore the changing face of wealth inequality in the USA, while Sheila Bird offers a personal account of the debate over rapid coronavirus screening in secondary schools in England.


  • Sticker packs and albums are part and parcel of the football fan experience. But Tim Paulden and friends found some stickers harder to find than others.
  • Ron S. Kenett and Shirley Y. Coleman outline the roles played by data and statistics in “Industry 4.0.”
  • Christoph Kurz explores differential privacy, what it is and how it works.
  • Amanda L. Golbeck shares stories from the lives of two notable statisticians, Elizabeth L. Scott and F. N. David.

Access the digital version of Significance through ASA or RSS member portals, or download and read the magazine on the go with our iOS and Android apps. Print issues will be mailed to subscribers soon. View this issue’s table of contents.

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