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Data Challenge on Tap for JSM2017

The ASA Statistical Computing, Government Statistics, and Statistical Graphics sections will sponsor Data Challenge 2017 at JSM in Baltimore, Maryland. The contest is open to anyone interested in participating, including college students and professionals from the private or public sector.

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Download an ASA 2017 Calendar and Poster or request a hard copy.

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What can you do with an undergraduate degree in statistics or data science? Read about these individuals who are employed at early stages of a career after graduating from a bachelor’s degree program that included training in statistics or data science.

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The U.S. Census Bureau’s newly updated Statistics in Schools program provides K–12 teachers the tools to help students understand statistical concepts and improve their data analysis skills.

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The San Antonio Chapter in collaboration with the ASA Student Chapter at The University of Texas at San Antonio participated in CORE4 STEM Expo and Family Day November, an event attended by more than 10,000 students.

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Nominations for ASA Fellow are accepted each year from October 1 to March 1. To be eligible, a person must be a current member of the ASA who has held continuous membership from March 1, 2014, to February 28, 2017.

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The Section on Statistics in Epidemiology invites nominations for the Nathan Mantel Award for lifetime contributions to the development and application of statistical science to problems and issues in epidemiology.

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Learn about Ask Me Anything, where ASA student and early-career members have the chance to ask professionals vital questions about transitioning from student to working life, building experience, assuming leadership, and more.

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Incoming Chair Ming Li discusses the opportunities for Q&P members to lead and contribute to the fast-growing trend of data-driven and analytics-backed decision making processes across many industries.

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A message from the 2017 chair of the Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences, James Wendelberger, discussing the importance and benefits of section membership.

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This is a listing of ASA members who have recently passed away.

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This month, incoming ASA President Barry Nussbaum writes about his background, his experience at the EPA, and some of his goals for the coming year.

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Highlights from the final ASA Board of Directors meeting of 2016.

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More than 5,000 donated research methods books arrived by cargo ship recently to the Port of Alexandria for the Library of Alexandria.

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News and information about members of the ASA highlighted in the January issue.

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Learn more about the ASA’s new program coordinator for awards and elections, Thierryne Ntiranyuhura, who is a native of Burundi and speaks six languages.

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Applications for the Mary G. and Joseph Natrella Scholarship will be accepted until April 1. The scholarship will support the participation of two students at the Quality and Productivity Research Conference.

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The American Statistician editorial team developed a special issue with a section focused on mentoring in support of statisticians and their professional practice. The issue was coedited by Erin Tanenbaum of NORC at the University of Chicago and Eric Vance of the University of Colorado, Boulder. Here, they answer a few questions about it.

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In her last President’s Corner column, Jessica Utts addresses two relatively unrelated themes—the ASA’s transition to Barry Nussbaum as president and the new president of the United States.

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The outgoing Quality and Productivity Section chair notes how the section participated in a number of conferences in 2016. The section is also sponsoring the Q&P research conference and calling for abstract submissions.

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This month’s guest science policy columnist is Arthur Kennickell. He makes suggestions for SOI to continue its success over the next century as it faces new challenges, demands, and opportunities. Kennickell’s suggestions also may help other federal statistical agencies.

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CSP provides opportunities for attendees to learn new statistical methodologies and best practices in statistical analysis, design, consulting, and statistical programming.

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The Medical Devices and Diagnostics Section will sponsor a student paper competition for the Joint Statistical Meetings in Baltimore.

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Highlights from the September 2016 issue of the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports (JQAS) includes three articles with applications to soccer, tennis, and tournament scheduling.

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News from the Biometrics section of the ASA in the November issue of Amstat News.

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The National Science Foundation announced Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science (TRIPODS), which “aims to bring together the statistics, mathematics, and theoretical computer science communities to develop the theoretical foundations of data science through integrated research and training activities.”

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Award Deadlines and Information for 2016–2017

Deadlines and contact information for ASA national awards, special lectureships, and COPSS awards

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Gertrude M. Cox’s upbringing instilled her with ethics, moral courage, and determination, which, combined with her grand dreams and the genius and tenacity to materialize them, resulted in legendary accomplishments and awed those who knew her.

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Samuel W. Greenhouse was one of the founding statisticians at the National Institutes of Health, helped pioneer the use of statistical methods in epidemiological research, and was influential in the early development of the theory and practice of clinical trials. He was also a distinguished Professor of Statistics at the George Washington University.

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Survey: Employers Struggling to Meet Demand for Data Analysts

More and more public and private sector employers are adding statisticians and data analysts to their ranks, but are having a difficult time finding qualified candidates, according to a new national survey released by the Society for Human Resource Management and sponsored by the American Statistical Association.