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6000+ Statisticians Expected in Seattle This August

With more than 3,000 presentations arranged into 183 invited sessions, 400 contributed sessions, and 400 individual poster and speed presentations, the 2015 Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) will be one of the largest statistical events in the world. Here are a few highlights to let you know what to expect. We hope to see you there!

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The band The Imposteriors will play three sets of music during this year’s JSM Dance Party and Lounge.To find out more about the group—which is made up of five statistics PhD academics who live in different cities—we asked them to tell us more about themselves.

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The Social Observatories Coordinating Network conference on data linkages is accepting abstracts.

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The May 2015 Amstat News staff spotlight is on Amanda Conageski, meetings planner at the American Statistical Association.

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Here is a list of the ASA’s longtime members.

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The Statistics in Epidemiology Section will sponsor a JSM short course on the joint modeling of longitudinal and survival data, taught by Joseph G. Ibrahim.

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The Quality and Productivity Section will host several roundtable events at this year’s JSM in Seattle, Washington.

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This is a listing of ASA members who have recently passed away.

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As part of the Government Statistics Section data challenge, eight contestants will present their work in two sessions during the Joint Statistical Meetings in Seattle, Washington.

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This is the Biometrics Section News for May.

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The Mental Health Statistics Section aims to provide a forum for communication among statisticians and mental health researchers, facilitate development and use of sound statistical methodologies in mental health research, and promote career opportunities for statisticians in mental health research.

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Seattle is an amazing city, and there are so many things to do; some are a bit cliché, while others fly under the radar. To help you navigate the Emerald City, David Kerr and Members of the Puget Sound Chapter of the ASA have highlighted activities to enjoy while you’re at JSM.

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David Morganstein asks Mary Kwasny what it means to be a JSM Docent and how to become one.

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Vincent P. Barabba

In this installment of the series of interviews with ASA presidents and executive directors, we feature a discussion with 1990 ASA President Vincent P. Barabba.