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Celebrating Women in Statistics and Data Science

In honor Women’s History Month, we are once again celebrating more than 20 ASA women who work in statistics and data science. We have also included some trailblazers. These accomplished women were chosen because they inspired and influenced other women in their field. Read their biographies and find out why they chose statistics, who influenced them, and what they have accomplished.

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President's Corner »

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Karen Kafadar introduces the ASA’s new Disinformation Task Force and discusses her hopes to bring statistical thinking and statisticians into the forefront to combat “fake news.”

Privacy and Confidentiality Committee »

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The ASA’s Committee on Privacy and Confidentiality discuss statistical disclosure control and how to preserve the confidentiality of sensitive data.

Section News, Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences »

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The ASA Teaching of Statistics in the Health Sciences Section is accepting 2019 nominations for three major awards.

A Statistician's View, Departments »

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Jo Hardin and Jack Miller ask that academics and practitioners be aware and think about gender issues when defining and/or categorizing variables.

Biometrics, Member News, Section News »

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The Biometrics Section recently chose the David P. Byar Young Investigator Award winner and five travel award winners. Read on to find out who they are.

Additional Features »

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Are you an early-career statistician with a statistical story to tell? Consider entering this writing contest.

A Statistician's View, Departments »

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Jonathan Shuster and Chris Delcher recommend new procedures for consultants, their institutions, and The ASA to follow to help maintain high integrity for statistical science.

Member News, Obituaries, People News »

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A listing of obituaries published in the March 2019 issue of Amstat News

Departments, Education »

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Introduce your K–12 students to statistics through the annual poster and project competitions.

Staff Spotlight »

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Meet the ASA’s new graphic designer/production coordinator, Olivia Brown.

Chapter News, Member News, San Francisco Bay Area »

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The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter celebrated its 90th anniversary and presented a career development discussion panel December 8, 2018.

Departments, Education »

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United States Conference on Teaching Statistics (USCOTS) brings together teachers of statistics at all levels to exchange ideas and discover how to improve their teaching.

Columns, Pastimes »

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When Tamraparni Dasu is not working on research, she is a fiction writer. The proceeds from her published novels support charitable organizations.

Significance Highlights »

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The sinking of the Titanic motivated data visualization designers to tell the story of the tragedy in new ways, using a variety of graphical methods.

Section News, Survey Research Methods »

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The section provides free access to the proceedings for the entire history of the Survey Research Methods Section will be added later this year.

Award Deadlines and Information, Featured, Member News »

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Deadlines and Contact Information for ASA National Awards, Special Lectureships, and COPSS Awards

The ASA’s extensive awards program recognizes statisticians who have made outstanding contributions through research, teaching, consulting, and service to the association and statistical profession. The annual awards listing contains important 2018-2019 award deadline and contact information.


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Thank You!

Just under $233,000 was raised in 2018 for ASA programs and initiatives from more than 930 donors. Thank you for your support.

A Statistician's Life, Celebrating Women in Statistics »

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Amanda F. Mejia started with limited financial resources at her disposal, but pursued scholarship and fellowship opportunities and earned her master’s as an industrial engineer. She soon discovered she wanted to learn more advanced analytical techniques and work toward a positive societal impact, so she returned to graduate school. As a professor today, she strives to emphasize the “why” of statistics before the “how” and to bring research problems into the classroom.

A Statistician's Life, Celebrating Women in Statistics »

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Stephanie started out wanting to be a lawyer, but quickly found that economics and statistics were what she preferred. Upon graduation, she applied for and accepted a full-time job at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and built on a federal career from there. Currently, she is developing an interdisciplinary team of statisticians and social and behavioral scientists to create and advance data science for the public good.

A Statistician's Life, Celebrating Women in Statistics »

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Jeri Mulrow turned in her first statistics book after the semester thinking it was boring. Her college adviser insisted she take more statistics classes, however, including regression, analysis of variance, and design of experiments. She was hooked after that. Today, Mulrow has more than 30 years of experience in applied statistics, working in various occupations and for several federal agencies. She and her husband recently set up a scholarship fund in statistics and data science at Colorado State University, their alma mater.