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[1 Nov 2012 | Comments Off on Pearl Sponsors Causality Award | 1,515 views]

The ASA announces a new prize carrying an award of $5,000 per year, Causality in Statistics Education, aimed at encouraging the teaching of basic causal inference in introductory statistics courses.

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[1 Nov 2012 | Comments Off on ASA Journals in Need of Editors | 1,988 views]

The ASA is inviting nominations and applications for JASA, TAS, and Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research editorships.

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[1 Nov 2012 | 9 Comments | 6,946 views]
Turing Award Winner, Longtime ASA Member Talks Causal Inference

ASA Executive Director Ron Wasserstein recently interviewed Judea Pearl about the Turing Award and Pearl’s interest in promoting the instruction of causal inference.

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[1 Nov 2012 | One Comment | 721 views]

The formation of an Orange County/Long Beach Chapter (OCLB) has been approved by the ASA Council of Chapters Governing Board.

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[1 Nov 2012 | Comments Off on Spatial Statistics 2013: Revealing Intricacies in Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Data with Statistics | 957 views]

The Spatial Statistics 2013 conference will be held in the Ohio Union at The Ohio State University June 4–7.