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The Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics (COPAFS) acts as an advocate for the development and dissemination of high-quality federal statistics. Member organizations include professional associations, businesses, research institutes, and others interested in federal statistics. Through COPAFS, members have an opportunity to review and affect issues such as timeliness, quality, confidentiality, and the relevance of data. COPAFS holds quarterly meetings, the last one taking place on June 3.

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Visualizing Data: Challenges to Presentation of Quality Graphics—and Solutions

Naomi Robbins, author of Creating More Effective Graphs, offers tips for solving some of the problems statisticians face when preparing data presentations.

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Fritz Scheuren, past ASA president, is committed to improving the lives of others. The evidence of this can be seen through his human rights projects, volunteer work, and leadership activities.

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The Summer Internship Partnership of ASA and Novartis Oncology: A Multi-Win Endeavor

The American Statistical Association and Novartis Oncology summer internship partnership is a win-win relationship. William Mietlowski, a biometrical fellow who has coordinated the internship program for Novartis Oncology, discusses the selection process, as well as internship projects and activities.

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This is an excerpt from the original article “A Conversation with Monroe Sirken,” published in Statistical Science in 2007. The interviews conducted by Barry Graubard, Paul Levy, and Gordon Willis took place in three sessions at the National Center for Health Statistics during the spring of 2006.